Experience. Expertise. Leadership.

This campaign is the start of a legacy campaign for the University. Rooted in our mission and derived from our manifesto is a campaign named primarily by our unique selling point. We transform experience into expertise, and expertise into leadership. This campaign takes countless Alliant essay submissions and research that all point to the fact that our students pick a career path based on a life experience, whether it was their own or they witnessed it in the lives of others. Our students come in with life experiences. Experiences our academic rigor can turn into expertise and further, into leadership. Our graduates are not only educated to be in their field, our academics prepare our graduates to be leaders in their field. These stories know no boundaries and exist in every program we teach. These are stories that are relatable and our University already has proof, through our amazing alumni, that we can hold strong to our commitment of respecting each other’s experiences, taking those experiences and building, expertise.

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The world needs people like you.

The critical thinkers. The curious explorers. The experienced doers. The compassionate givers.

Those who embrace and respect the perspective of others. Individuals willing to collaborate to find answers to big issues. Those seeking to better themselves as a means of bettering the world.

At Alliant International University, we foster learning that moves you forward — in your profession and in your life. We combine academic rigor and professional practice to instill in you real-world knowledge and insight. We transform your experience into expertise, and your expertise into leadership.

From a foundation of inclusiveness, we help you understand the uniquely diverse needs facing the communities in which you’ll work. And you’ll take with you the skills and confidence to make an impact on those communities and the world beyond.

Alliant International University. The world is waiting for you.

Tell us your story!

Alliant has launched the Experience to Expertise Campaign— a campaign for our students and alumni, about our students and alumni.

Because so many of you have told us about your life experience guiding your career path, we decided to explore the journeys that lead you to Alliant. And, how you’ve used your education to transform your experience into expertise, and expertise into leadership.

We want to hear your story. And, we want to share it with those who seek to follow in your footsteps.